Which cleaning company is best for you?

You have all along been thinking about end of tenancy cleaning as something you can do by yourself. It suddenly hits you that this is an exercise that requires you to put in so much time and energy. Are you concerned that you might not do it as best as it should be done? If you can afford it, there is no need to carry this cleaning burden on your shoulders. There are some good and efficient end-of-tenancy cleaning services out there. You will however save yourself a lot of headache and increase your chances of a full deposit refund if you work with a reputable service. How do you distinguish the good from the bad?

Get recommendations from friends/family

Someone in your close circles must have used a cleaning service recently. Even if they have not, they probably know of someone who has. Does the phrase ‘my cleaning guy’ sound familiar? This is because it is often in reference to a cleaning service that can be called upon for tasks over and over again. Although most people will be quick to spread the negatives of a service, ask them about someone or a company that they can vouch for and they have a few lined up. 

Go through service testimonials

With social media, getting information on the internet has become a lot easier and especially when it is company specific. Search the internet for good cleaners and be on the lookout for forums where people have the opportunity to share their views. The beauty of the internet is that most posts cannot be deleted so both the positive and negative comments on a company will be visible for a long time. 

Visit the company website

Whether you have been given a referral or have been going through testimonials on the internet, the one last important step is to visit the company website. Most businesses have a website where their operations, processes and structures are outlined. Whether you are seeking end of tenancy cleaning as a tenant or landlord, you must be aware of what level of service you require. Do the packages on offer suit your needs? Checking a few company profiles will make your task of comparing end of tenancy cleaning services quite simple. 

Still not sure which company is going to do an impressive job on your property? Ask a few other homeowners to invite you after their properties have been cleaning. The experience you have comparing before and after appearances of other properties might jog your decision making. Please be aware when choosing End of Tenancy Cleaning Company to ask them about their cleaning checklist and whats included in the service. Make sure that the company would clean the oven as part of the service. Oven cleaning is normally not included in an end of tenancy cleaning service and surely you don’t want to pay extra for that service.