What is a travel insurance?

What is a Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an act you receive, when you pay to an agency for it. It intends to cover some problems or damages your things or body can suffer during your trip.

When you can arrange a Travel Insurance? How long does it lasts?

Well, you can arrange a Travel Insurance exactly in the moment you book your trip or anytime you want. You can arrange one that covers only one times a trip (and it depends on the duration of your trip) or you can arrange one for a whole year. If you choose to have this one for a whole year, you can go on how many trips you want and you will have Travel Insurance during all your trips.

If you are a traveler, this one for multi-trips is made for you because you will not have to worry about your travel insurance every time you decide to go into another place.

How much does it costs?

Well, our company offers low cost travel insurance because we want our travelers to be satisfied. Even if our travel insurance is a low cost one, we offer all the coverage types that any other more expensive insurance offer.

Do not forget that some countries need a higher medical insurance cost than other because their medical systems are more expensive. Even in places like these ones, our travel insurance is a low cost one.

What are all our coverage types?

  • The most important is: medical emergency. If you go to visit a country and you became sick, you can go to any public hospital you find and you will be treated free because your travel insurance cover any free medical services the state provides.
  • Cancellation or trip interruption. If you can’t go on your trip or if you need to come back home you receive your money back. But, only if your reason is one of these: death, disease, pregnancy complications, if you are called as a witness in a process, if you are from military service and your state needs you, if the government cancel the trip because some problems and so on.
  • Also, if your luggage is stolen, damaged or if you lost it you will receive some money back.
  • If your personal documents are lost, also travel insurance cover the cost of remaking them.
  • If the travel is delayed because of the weather or other problem, do not worry about the hotel or your airplane ticket because everything will be solved with your travel insurance.

If you want to get covered of some specific conditions, you must pay more. For example if you suffer from asthma or diabetes that are pre-existing conditions, if you go to ski or other dangerous sports, if you travel to some countries where is a risk of war, acts of terrorism, you must pay extra.

In conclusion, if you do not want travel insurance you can be put in such situation that you will spend a lot of money on medical emergencies or lost baggage. Is something very risky to go on a trip without insurance! Think just at how much money you will spend on medical emergencies if you do not have a travel insurance!